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Designer, writer, lecturer and once-owner of four highly innovative fashion stores called Dianne B., Dianne Benson has been described
as “A woman of fashion, a fabulous purveyor
of words, stance and attitude.”  With unrestrained excess,
style-setter Dianne Benson has written a gardening primer so vivid
and memorable that one of her fans literally compared it to the Bible. Everything you need to know-from what to plant to what to wear.

 The Lowdown on Growing a Garden with Style
Available HERE on Amazon

Reviews from Amazon:
By April Gornik

"One of the most useful, funny, practical, fun gardening books out there. And she continues with a great newsletter, Dirtier, that I also enjoy reading."

This Book is Wonderful
 by Amazon Customer

"Yes, the other reviewers are right. If I could own only one gardening book, this would be it. If you love gardening, want a different perspective on the subject, or just like gardening and want to be entertained and educated, get this book."

By Amazon Customer

"This book is fabulous!! It is an entertaining book as well as extremely informative. This is a must-have book for the beginning gardener - but easily appeals to the expert as well. My copy is very well worn around

all the edges!!"

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