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Dianne is available for garden style consultation in The Hamptons. Her specialty is glamour and drama and she will help you find the special plants and trees that you won’t see in everyone else’s garden.

Don’t forget the accessories ⎯ be it a stone animal or a specimen tree.  Dianne considers herself a garden stylist, she does not do the planting or the maintenance of the garden (except her own); her forte is ideas and garden style.



Dianne's passion for gardening began more than twenty years ago when she acquired her first house in East Hampton. What started as a weedy, woody tangle was turned into a garden-tour-worthy shady exotic acre.  The details were documented in DIRT: The Lowdown on Growing a Garden with Style, an inimitible gardening book/memoir that has become a gardening cult classic.  Dianne loves to write about gardening and lifestyle, for years the highly-irreverent, though immensely practical Garden Pundit for Hamptons Cottages and Gardens Magazine, she now writes and photographs for her blog, DIRTIER, which is the basis for her next book.  Her unique artistic gardening vision, as well as her dramatic decorating style, has been editorialized countless times.

Her one-time fashion career, where she was known as Dianne B., was studded with firsts:  introducing designers such as Miyake, Gaultier and Comme des Gardons to New York, rejuvenating Madison Avenue and pioneering Soho as a fashion mecca, and collaborating with such artists as Cindy Sherman, Peter Hujar and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Her days are now packed with her philanthropic endeavors and her commitment to St. Luke’s Church.  Boards she has served on include The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church in Manhattan and an active Director of Robert Wilson’s Byrd Hoffman Watermill Center for twenty years. The Garden Committee of Guild Hall is another passion, but her greater interest in Guild Hall is as an actress and Shakespeare enthusiast.  She appeared as Gertrude in last year’s production of Hamlet staged by the Round Table Theatre Company.  But it is in her role as President of the Board of Trustees of LongHouse Reserve, the unique 16 acre horticultural and art epicenter  founded by Jack Lenor Larsen, that gives her the opportunity to overview the cream of the celebrated Hamptons and with which she is most occupied.

She lives in East Hampton with her family, Lys and Skye Qi Marigold and their Cavaliers, Flora Pandora and Magnolia.

Tired of the same old garden?
Don’t want your garden to look like everyone else?

Call Dianne B Gardens at 631-525-3837

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